Why You Should Replace Your Soap Bar With Shower Gel

Why You Should Replace Your Soap Bar With Shower Gel

While you are beauty shopping for yourself, locating the right product is often a daunting task, even if you’re buying the basics like moisturizer or toothpaste. When it comes to buying bathing bars or Bathing Gels, the process becomes even more complex. There seems no end to the war of words among the people who prefer humble soap and those who incline towards Shower Gel. Read on discover the difference among both the bathing products and reasons to replace soap bars with bath gels.

Shower Gel Vs. Soap: THe Scientific Difference

Soap bars are made through a chemical process, i.e., saponification that comprises of combining the liquid fats with alkali sodium (sodium hydroxide). The process of making liquid soap is exactly the same but it combines the liquid fats with potassium hydroxide. All these contents might be harmful to your skin if not used in the appropriate quantity. Bath Gels, on the other hand, use some basic ingredients in its preparation, like water, foaming agents ( sodium laureth), and betaines (used to bind all the components). According to U.S Safety and Health Administration, bathing with soap bars is found to develop skin allergies if not properly washed off, whereas, Shower Gel absorbs into the skin, thereby deeply moisturizing it.

Reasons to Replace Soap With Bath Gels

Boasted With Essential Chemicals: Shower Gels possess potent formulation when it comes to combining fragrances, chemicals, vitamins, and essential oils. Some Bath Gels also comprise of antiperspirant chemicals that prove to be helpful for people who sweat more.

Away From Contamination: Unlike soap bars which are exposed to open air and prone to easy contamination, Shower Gels have safe packaging that keeps every drop of gel safe from the external deformities.

Why You Should Replace Your Soap Bar With Shower Gel
Why You Should Replace Your Soap Bar With Shower Gel

Savings: Soap bars have a greater chance of wastage than a shower gel. Soap is often left in a wet soap dish that results in dissolution of the soap. The Bath Gel comes in tube packaging which makes it easier for us to squeeze out the required amount of gel without any possible wastage.

Rich Lather: When it comes to richness and foaminess, Shower Gels can seamlessly defeat the soap bars. The fluid-like composition of shower gels requires less scrubbing and produces more foam.

Hydrates While Cleansing: Most of the soap bars tend to leave your skin dry after bathing and further making it vulnerable to allergies and itchiness. Bath Gels, on the other hand, have a moisturizing effect on your skin and preserve the natural moisture of the skin even after bathing.

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